Moving into Year 11 and 12 at JPC

Our unique timetable incorporating Independent Learning Time has been affirmed by the Board of Senior Secondary Studies for its innovative approach and the advantages it provides to senior students. The timetable accommodates the Board of Senior Secondary Studies requirements within the normal school day and also provides the flexibility to meet a variety of learning pathways.

 I decided to go to JPC for Year 11 and 12 because of its positive learning environment. The teachers are all there to help you and they want you to do well and I think it is really important that a college student has that positive student-teacher relationship. Mentoring is a really beneficial program which I have found helpful in my time here as a junior and I think that it’s a great and important support network to have in Year 11 and 12. Independent Learning Time is one of the main reasons I chose to stay as I find it a really valuable resource, not only academically, but personally, as it has helped me become more independent which I believe is a very beneficial skill to have in the senior years of school. I personally am so glad that I chose to stay at JPC for Year 11 and 12.

Laura Ison – Graduate 2019