Choosing packages and courses

Subject selection in the ACT senior secondary system is governed by the Board of Senior Secondary Studies. The system allows students to undertake specialist areas of study according to strengths and interests without limiting career options. JPC students typically study six subjects in Year 11 and five subjects in Year 12. This ensures that our graduates have both a rich experience and the right preparation for a broad range of tertiary courses and career paths.

All students in the ACT must study English, and are strongly encouraged to study Mathematics.

As a Catholic college, our students also include at least a Minor in Religious Studies in their study package. The feedback from students and families across the Catholic college network is consistently positive about this. As they enter young adulthood, students value the opportunity to explore challenging ideas and unfamiliar cultures. They draw on their studies to become the compassionate citizens and strong leaders they aspire to be. Religious studies facilitates the exploration of key philosophical and ethical issues and enables students to synthesise complex ideas, to develop informed views and present sophisticated points of view. These are skills essential for success in both further study and the workforce. Historically, ACT Catholic Colleges have found that, for the majority of their students, it has been a strong contributor to their Year 12 results.

Students at JPC will have the opportunity to study Vocational courses that may lead to nationally recognised certification or statements of attainment. Vocational courses are delivered through a thrid party/arrangement with St Francis Xavier College (Registered Training Organisation 88024) under the auspices of the Canberra Region Pathways Trade Training Centre.


The ACT system also enables students to begin their university studies and to broaden their college experience through the study of a university extension course (H Course). JPC students will have access to the full range of H Courses from the Australian National University. The student selection process for these courses is conducted by the university and begins towards the end of Year 10. JPC students in both Years 11 and 12 are studying extension courses at university, having qualified through the selection process.

Registered units (R Courses) are designed to recognise extended co-curricular commitments that students make to social, cultural and personal development activities and JPC tailors these units to individual students’ circumstances. R units enhance the students’ record on the ACT Senior Secondary Certificate, showing their diverse achievements and interests.

Courses offered at JPC in 2020

Religious Education
T/A Religious Studies
T English
T Literature
A Essential English
T Specialist Mathematics
T Specialist Methods
T Mathematical Methods
T Mathematical Applications
A Essential Mathematics
T/A Biology
T/A Human Biology
T Chemistry
T/A Earth and Environmental Science
T Physics
T/A Flight
T/A Interdisciplinary Science
Studies of Society and the Environment (SOSE)
T/A History Integrated
T/A Business
T/A Economics
T/A Geography
T/A Legal Studies
T/A Modern History
T/A Global Studies
T/A Australian & Global Politics
V Business Services – BSB30115 Certificate III in Business
T Continuing French
T/A Continuing Chinese
Physical Education and Health
T/A Exercise Science
A Physical Education Studies
T/A Health and Wellbeing
A/V Sport, Recreation and Leadership
T/A Sports Development
T/A Outdoor and Environmental Education
The Arts
T/A Dance
T/A Drama
T/A Photography
T/A Visual Art
T/A Media
T/A Music
V CUA20215 – Certificate II in Creative Industries
T/A Design and Emerging Technologies
T/A Design and Graphics
T/A Engineering
A/V Hospitality
T/A Robotics and Mechatronics
T/A Textiles and Fashion
A Timber Products
T/A Digital Technologies
V CPC20211 – Certificate II in Construction Pathways
V MSF10113 – Cert I in Furnishing
Behavioural Science
T/A Psychology
T/A Sociology