21st Century Learning

In the senior years, our educational approach of self-directed learning is even more pertinent.  Its core philosophy is that every student is unique, needs to be self-managing, resilient and equipped with the skills to deal with an increasing complex world. A standard education programme which delivers the same content in the same way to all will leave some students behind, whilst failing to extend other students’ potential.

The right education for students needs to respond to their specific needs; harness their individual passions; and welcome their families into the learning process.

Self-directed learning finds that personalised path by shifting the focus from passive to active learning. It recognises the reality of the modern workplace: real-world problems rarely come with textbook answers. We are called on instead to recognise problems, think about how to solve them, seek out knowledge and work in teams. A JPC education is built on these critical skills. It fosters the lifelong love of learning that will stand any worker of the future in good stead.

Technology continues to play a strong role in the senior years at the College. It is an integrated tool which gives students the flexibility to easily access what they need for all their work, both in classes and in Independent Learning Sessions. Cutting edge technology including strategically placed iMacs and IT hubs. Technical support and wi-fi across the College and a BYOD policy in the senior years ensure that technology is an essential partner to the self-directed learning philosophy.

Our students are already showing a high level of academic maturity and the ability to articulate their learning to others. We have been proud to see the initiatives of many individuals by undertaking extra external academic activities such as UN Youth Ambassadorships, language immersion programes to China and New Caledonia, specialised work experience programes, Canberra Student Community Health Workshops as well as completing Australian School Based Apprenticeships (ASBAs). Our students have also been accepted into the Australian National University to complete extension courses in higher level Maths, Engineering and Sciences, giving them early entry options to ANU. Through this they have demonstrated the skills of 21st Century learners, also showing self-reliance, self-knowledge and independence.


St John Paul II College has provided me with an opportunity to excel in my studies and academic endeavours, due to the level of support we are given. The staff at JPC have an interest in each student and work with us to achieve the best that we can. This support is extended from the classroom environment to the mentor relationship, gives support for academic and extra-curricular endeavours you may have.

Charlotte Foster, Graduate 2018