Year 11&12

Welcome to St John Paul II College – The Senior Years

What does it mean to be a child of the third millennium? The technologies of the future are inconceivable, the global challenges will be profound, and the opportunities lie well beyond our dreams. There is no greater responsibility than preparing a young person to face that unknown world. For the staff at St John Paul II College, there is no greater privilege than sharing the task.

Our school family has grown from strength to strength since our inaugural class in 2013. We have opened award-winning facilities, extended the curriculum in new directions and welcomed our students’ strong academic results. We are extremely proud of the excellent achievements of our inaugural Year 12 graduate class in 2018 and of their pathways since leaving college.

Time and again, I hear from parents, visiting academics and fellow teachers that our students have maturity and insight beyond their years. It has reinforced our commitment to one-on-one mentoring, personalised learning programs and constant engagement with parents.

In our school, every student is an individual with a name, a family and a path. We will never grow too big to forget it.

We have a great vision for our senior classes and I am proud that we continue to expand our opportunities in the Senior College in 2021. Our students benefit from a rich and exciting experience – founded on our core principles but adapted to the emotional rollercoaster that the senior years can be.

It is a program that will challenge our students, both inside the classroom and beyond. We are confident that they will rise to that challenge, in a school community that will continue to foster their strengths, and believe in their potential.

I look forward to working with you.

Catherine Rey