Allowing learning anywhere, anytime

The physical design of St John Paul II College, along with the use of technology, facilitates the educational vision of the College. Together with open, flexible, adaptable spaces, cutting edge technology including wi-fi across the College, strategically placed Mac Desktops and integrated use of iPads enables learning to occur anywhere anytime. The embedding of technology into the curriculum also allows for an expansion of time and place where student learning is not limited to one particular classroom or particular period of time.

Schools in the 21st Century, like workplaces and homes, integrate technology for communication, collaboration and intellectual achievement. Access to digital information, virtual tools and resources enhances the educational experience and achievements for students:

“Technology allows the tables to be turned. Instead of teaching (push), students can be given projects that allow them to learn (pull) the necessary material themselves. Key to this is the ability to get the information they need any time anywhere without being in the physical presence of a teacher”
John Page 2007.

 Smart technology, intelligently used

New technologies are important, but to be helpful they must be integrated into the learning process. Students need both the hardware and the skills to use it confidently. Our College embeds Information Communication Technologies (ICT) into the curriculum, so students can learn how and when to use various programs and apps. These skills do not displace paper resources, including tasks requiring handwriting.

Technology allows for high levels of engagement, for self-expression and, crucially, enables students to go at their own pace and in an order that suits them. As such, it is an ideal partner to the Self-Directed Learning philosophy of St John Paul II College.

IPads are the central learning tool for students and Moodle (the JPC on-line learning platform) is the key element for students to access learning resources. Through Moodle, students and their parents have access to all of the information that students need for assignments, Self-Directed Learning and classwork.

Families supply an iPad for their child. From Year 10, families have the option to supply a laptop to facilitate the increased demands of word processing as students move into the senior years. Follow the links below for BYOD documentation:

JPC ICT and BYOD Student Agreement

Years 7-9 iPad Specifications – A list of supported devices can be found and purchased from our preferred provided the School Locker

10-12 BYOD Specifications – Students may continue to use iPads however, they can switch to a Mac laptop which can be purchased from the School Locker, or a Windows 10 (or higher) laptop with “802.11ac” (now known as Wi-Fi 5), and 6+ hours battery charge. Android devices are not supported.

Our online learning system “Moodle” enables students to access unit outlines, assignments and class work and notes from anywhere – either at school or at home. We strongly encourage families to become familiar with Moodle to follow and support their child’s progress.