Year 11 and 12

In 2017, St John Paul II College will be moving into the Senior Years. Our Year 11 and 12 programme has been many years in the making and we are excited to be able to offer our students a rich and exciting experience founded on our core principles, whilst accommodating the many challenges and opportunities that our students will face.

Students will be challenged both inside the classroom and beyond, in a school community that will foster each child’s strengths and provide them with every opportunity to grow and achieve their full potential.

We welcome all enquiries about Year 11 2017 and beyond. If you would like more information about the programme, please contact the office on 6163 4800 or


“My experience at St. John Paul II College has been very rewarding. From the first semester of year 7, I was able to see the difference in my academic performance. The discipline and morals of the catholic college benefited me as a person to be better. The school introduced new methods of learning such as Independent learning time (ILT), open space style teaching and the mentoring sessions where we got to spend one on one time with the teachers. I was really able to see the positive difference the school has on me. My favourite two aspects of this school are mentoring and ILT. Mentoring really helped me if I required help in terms of school, home or friendship. Teachers were able to understand any issue and really assist me to problem solve. ILT is my absolute favourite, ILT has really helped me to advance in my subjects and get that extra help if it’s required. ILT gave me the opportunity to complete any work I have pending but through it I also gained skills of independency, discipline, organisation, etc. I really enjoy being at St. John Paul II College and I can’t wait to see what my college years have in stall.” 

Subhi, Year 10