Our College adheres to the national standards set out in the Australian Curriculum, The ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies (BSSS) and the Church’s guidance on Religious Education provided through Treasures New and Old.

Each of the subject areas we teach has the equivalent of three hour-long lessons in a week, comparable with other high schools and colleges. We cover the same curriculum content (the Australian Curriculum and the ACT BSSS) and do equivalent assessment . Two of the three hours are devoted to traditional classroom teaching.The third hour is intensive individual learning in Independent Learning Time.

Religious Education

As a Catholic College, we recognise religious education as critical to a student’s understanding of the world and their purpose within it .Our religious education program opens students to the richness of the Catholic tradition, and its role in shaping our society. We also welcome the sharing of the beliefs and experience of members of our community from other faith backgrounds. Together, we explore the contemporary challenges people of conscience and faith are called upon to face.

As students move into Years 11 and 12, Religious Studies assumes even greater significance as it facilitates the exploration of key philosophical and ethical issues and enables students to synthesise complex ideas, to develop informed views and present sophisticated points of view . These are skills essential for success in both further study and the workforce . Historically, ACT Catholic Colleges have found that, for the majority of their students, Religious Education, has been a strong contributor to their Year 12 results.

YEAR 7 and 8

Year 7 is a time of transition as well as an opportunity for students to explore a range of subject paths . Our program prepares students to take full advantage of their middle schooling years.

Central to the Year 7 program is the linking of related disciplines to help students approach learning holistically. Our integrated subjects reinforce the core competencies shared across fields, and encourage students to make the connections required for solving real-world problems.

Students also begin or continue language studies, with a choice of French or Chinese (Mandarin). Their chosen language becomes a core subject for the next two years.

The Year 8 program allows students to build on the skills and interests developed in their introductory year . Students undertake eight subjects, including the experience of further electives. The components of Year 7 integrated subjects are taught as discrete subjects from Year 8 onwards. Connections are still made across subject areas.

Arts and Technology subjects are offered, with students cycling through one experience each term. This ensures that students have the opportunity to experience a range of subjects in Years 7 and 8 before making elective choices in Years 9-12.

Year 7 Core Subjects Year 8 Core Subjects
Religious Education Religious Education
Integrated Humanities (English and Humanities including History, Geography, Civics and Business) English
Integrated Maths and Science (incorporating Digital Technologies) Studies of Society and the Environment (History, Geography, Civics and Business)
Physical Education and Health Mathematics
Languages (French or Chinese) Science
Physical Education and Health
Languages (French or Chinese continuing from Year 7)
Electives Year 7 & 8




Food Technology


Sustainable Technology

Textiles Technology

Design and Technology


As students approach their senior years, the College encourages reflection on study and career paths, seeking to open rather than exclude future choices. A broad array of electives allows students to test a range of possible futures, whether they seek a vocational or academic path.

Students are not required to study a foreign language, but are encouraged to continue the study of their chosen language as an elective.

Year 9 Core Subjects Year 10 Core Subjects
Religious Education Religious Education
English English
Studies of Society and the Environment (History and Geography) Studies of Society and the Environment (History and Geography)
Mathematics Mathematics
Science Science
Physical Education and Health Physical Education and Health

Electives Year 9 & 10 Year-long courses



Graphic Design and Publications

Electives Year 9 & 10 Semester-long courses

Design and Technology

Information Technology: Web Design

Information Technology: Robotics

Food Technology

Textiles Technology


Visual Arts

Introduction to the Law










Photography and Graphic Design



Introduction to the Law

Business and Economics

Global Challenges – International Relations

World in Conflict – The Cold War

Global Citizenship – Geography

Applied Sport and Exercise Science

Outdoor Education

Entrepreneurs: It’s Your Move