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Semester 1, 2018 Reports

  1. Dear Parents and Carers,

    We wish to advise you that Semester Reports will be sent home via email, rather than by post, this semester. In line with our Sustainability philosophy, we believe that this is a more efficient and environmentally friendly way of communicating your child’s achievements for the semester.

    The reports will be sent from the email address . We expect them to reach you in the afternoon of Friday 6 July. If that timing changes, we will inform you by email. If you do not receive your child’s Semester Report via email in the timeframe indicated, please check your junk folder in your email box before contacting the College.

    As this is our first semester of sending reports in this manner, we will keep you informed of any technical issues, should they arise.

    Thank you for your understanding and support as we move forward.


    Catherine Rey