At JPC, we have a whole-school approach to student wellbeing. We value supporting young people to embrace their full potential, so that they can flourish in learning and in life.

Mentors & House Leaders

If a student is experiencing emotional or social challenges, we encourage students and families to discuss these concerns initially with the student’s Mentor Teacher or another House Leader, who can help to identify the best initial support path. These Leaders are a great ‘first port of call’ since they can help students to identify practical strategies to manage daily situations, problem solve issues, or liaise with other teaching staff and school Leaders if needed.

House Leaders can also give guidance to students and families who may need additional support. House Leaders can help students and families to identify the appropriate next step based on the individual circumstance, which might include engaging with other support available within the school Houses, or a recommendation to access Wellbeing services within the school, or a recommendation to seek external support.

School Counselling

JPC offers School Counselling on campus throughout the school year. School Counselling is delivered by a qualified mental health professional with experience working with young people who have mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, stress, grief, persistent demotivation, significant social difficulties or other similar challenges.

A referral to the School Counsellor can be made through the House Leaders while identifying the best initial support path.

School Counselling is a short-term, goal-focused therapy available to support students to reduce the impact that their mental health is having on their learning and life. It is important to know that School Counselling is not a long-term support service, and is therefore not always able to provide the length or depth of support that some students may need to maximise their chance of recovery. In addition, School Counselling is reserved for students who are not already accessing external professional support for their mental health.

The School Counsellor’s office is located within the ‘Wellbeing Hub’ of the school.