Student Leadership Opportunities

All students are seen as leaders in the school. There are numerous opportunities for students across each year level for informal leadership.

The significant role of student voice in developing critical thinkers and global citizens has long been debated in educational circles, with the general consensus of thought suggesting that it plays a pivotal role in empowering learning and developing partnerships between students and teachers (Mockler, 2015).

In order to enable effective student leadership, potential leaders must be given the opportunity to fully explore the diverse skills and qualities that are essential to effective leadership. In order to do this we must move the concept of leadership beyond popularity and achievement in a narrow field of endeavour, encouraging our students to consider the holistic nature of good leadership.

In addition to informal leadership opportunities, Year 9 students participate in LEAD, a leadership induction programme, consisting of four sessions. Each session is designed to look in detail at the key principles of: Learn, Engage, Act, Discover. These sessions enable students to fully discern the nature of leadership and the responsibilities it entails. Year 9 is the entry point for the LEAD programme so that students in Years 10, 11 and 12 are then equipped with the skills needed to take on more official leadership roles.