Growing a healthy community

Sustainability is at the heart of campus life at John Paul II College. We empower our students to take responsibility for their wellbeing, and contribute to the wellbeing of others, as stewards of the environment we share.

Our ethos is built into all we do, in and outside the classroom.

The College campus is a model of smart design, built to the highest standards of efficiency as well as functionality. It has the facilities to provide hands-on, practical and relevant skills for living.

A popular feature is our College canteen, where all meals are prepared on the premises from fresh, locally sourced and unprocessed ingredients. As part of our commitment to minimising landfill waste, no food is packaged.

Students are actively involved in the kitchen, learning about healthy food, ethical choices and the place of food in cultural life. They harvest produce from our College kitchen garden, and can volunteer in the canteen and commercial kitchen to build work-ready skills.

Our Sustainability curriculum reinforces our message of responsible stewardship. All students in Year 8 take Sustainability as an elective, learning to make informed choices as citizens in a changing world. Students can elect to continue their studies in Years 9 and 10; or participate in community service programs tackling local sustainability challenges.