New School Year

Year 7, Year 11 and New Students are due back to school on Monday 1 February.

All continuing students are due back to school on Tuesday 4 February for a normal school day – 8.55am to 3.35pm.

For the first couple of days Year 7 and new students will be assisted with School Bus Processes at the end of the day.

Parents are reminded that the carpark has very limited space and there is high congestion, especially in the afternoons. Buses do have priority and cars will need to wait so buses have access to and from the collection point. We suggest if you must collect your son or daughter please arrive after the buses have left the school grounds, this is generally by 3.55pm.

Stationery List – NB this list is the same for all school years.
Year 10 and above can either have an iPad or can change to a Laptop if prefered.


Please ensure all your child’s items and uniform are clearly labelled with their name.

Elective subjects may specify additional requirements and we suggest having an organisational zipped folder to keep work together for these subjects.

The school will provide padlocks for lockers for Year 7 students. Replacement locks will incur a cost. Padlocks are available for sale for other year levels or students can bring one from home.