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Community Council Nominations

St John Paul II College has achieved some significant milestones over the past 4 years now reaching a cohort of a total of 637 students, with this year’s intake of 186 Year 7 students being the largest in the Colleges short history and reaching a team of 65 Teachers and support staff, this will grow even further in 2018 with year groups from 7 to 12.

As part of this evolution and growth we are now looking for interested parents who would like to bring their expertise, commitment and passion to continued success of St John Paul II College and bring together a diverse representative body from across the school community. The current council has now been in place for 4 years and have made a significant contribution over this time although the Council along with the Leadership Team of the College has decided to declare all parent positions on the Council vacant and ask all parents to consider how they may contribute to the College and nominate themselves to join the Council.

The Community Council is actively involved in guiding the development of the catholic identity and character, approving governance structures and finances, ensuring the College is meeting its obligations to the parent community and working to build networks and relationships to support the College in the achievement of strategic goals.

The Mrs Catherine Rey and the Leadership Team in conjunction with the Catholic Education Office are responsible for the day to day operation of the College with the Council providing a governance structure, similar to that of a Board for a corporation. Working with Mrs Rey, who is the public representative of the school, the council has responsibility for providing feedback and making decisions on behalf of the school community in relation to areas such as:

The Council meets approximately 6 times a year between 5.30 & 7.00pm – Council members will also contribute to activities outside meetings in support of College activities – these are not onerous.

If you would like to nominate yourself for a position on the Community Council please submit your nomination form to Mrs Catherine Rey via

by no later than 24/03/2017. Download the nomination form here –  Council Member Expression of Interest March 2017

For more information on the Council please contact current Chair Keith Cantlie on 0417 277254 or email


Keith Cantlie

Community Council Chair