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  1. JPC is going to NASA (yes, Houston) mid-2019! and we are holding a series of information sessions over the next few weeks to gauge interest in the trip.

    Upcoming events – all in the JPC Theatre:

    Week 10 Student session

    Tuesday 25 September

    • 1:30 PM info session for interested students (P4 ILT – around 20 mins)


    Week 13 Parent/Student sessions

    Tuesday 30 October

    • 6:00 PM Junior Trip – Parent Night
    • 7:30 PM Senior Trip – Parent Night

    Please RSVP for the 30 October to ensure your child will receive a complete information kit  –

    (with SFX) light refreshments served


    If you are interested in finding out more, please come along to the sessions. It is an amazing program.


    Mrs Jen Tually

    See this video for more info: CASE Space School Expedition